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January 30, 2014


Reader perplexed by seat belt ticket

Recently, my wife was given a citation for wearing her seat belt improperly. She had put it under her left arm rather than across the chest, as she is short and has to have the seat so near the steering wheel that the seat belt touches her neck rather than coming down across her shoulder.

Having the seat belt under her left arm makes turning her head while driving — to check traffic conditions — easier and more comfortable. Apparently, other people have this same problem.

Since it was her first “offense,” I feel she should have been given a warning rather than a citation. She was, after all, wearing her seat belt.

I can still remember the lap-type seat belts that did not include a should restraint, and they seemed to work pretty well.

How effective are seat belts inside the city limits anyway? May I suggest that as much, if not more, attention should be paid to giving citations for violations of speeding, running stop lights and stop signs, as well as illegal parking and so on.

— David Kinchlow, New Albany

Woman fed up with problems

Here we go again. While surfing the Internet, I was surprised to see that the problems we are experiencing with our Clark County Drug Court have made it on to national news sites.

Many of you remember that we had problems with the administration of Judge Jerry Jacobi’s court years ago. At that time, the blame was placed on everyone but Judge Jacobi. The voters smartened up and he was voted out of office.

The sad part is that we didn’t learn the first time and put him back in office. Once again we have let him oversee a court whose employees have abused their authority and put the county in the position where they can be sued.

He is responsible for putting us in that position. We need to operate like a business and get rid of those in power who can’t do their job.

— Kay Young, Clarksville