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February 1, 2014



... to the inaugural FAN Fair on sustainable living, to be held today [Saturday] at the Sternwheeler Ballroom/Robert E. Lee Center in New Albany.

The progressive event — to be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. — will focus on green initiatives, making cities more pedestrian friendly and simply educating the public about environmental issues.

There will be demonstrations, panel discussion and workshops.

The best part — it’s all free. Visit for more information.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... to the nonsensical substitution patterns of Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean.

I realize that Crean knows more about coaching basketball than I ever will. Still, it’s hard for the average fan not to question when the coach plays 13 players in the first half of a Big Ten game.

The starters weren’t in foul trouble; there’s no way they were tired. Indiana has a good amount of young talent, but not enough to go eight deep into the bench — no college team does.

It could have made the difference in what became a close road loss against Nebraska.

Crean’s rebuilding of the IU program is admirable, he’s a great recruiter and he seems to be an all-around good guy. With that said, the Hoosier fans are restless about his in-game coaching, and that didn’t just start this season.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... to the news that Flat 12 Bierwerks will open a taproom on Jeffersonville’s riverfront.

The Indianapolis-based craft brewer has quickly earned a reputation in the state for tasty beers. Their brewing facility in Indianapolis is a cool warehouse space, one I hope is duplicated in the building Flat 12 plans to renovate along Riverside Drive.

In a brilliant form of advance marketing, Flat 12 last week began distributing its beers in the Louisville area — I had one Thursday night at Boombozz Taphouse in the Highlands. They’ll follow that up in late spring or early summer with the taproom. Hopefully, the Big Four pedestrian bridge is open by then to satisfy thirsty walkers.

All this is perfect timing. As someone who spends most of his work time in downtown Jeffersonville, it feels like big things are on the way.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... to Rauch Inc. and The Studio at the Fairmont Neighborhood Center for giving those with developmental disabilities an outlet to create and display their art.

Last weekend, Central Christian Church hosted works by Rauch artists for sale.

Several pieces also are on display at Primos Deli in New Albany and Rauch is looking for other businesses who want to display works by the artists. Proceeds from the sale of the art helps fund the program.

Call 812-945-4063 or visit if you are interested in helping out.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... to the Clark County Road Department.

We wake up on a snowy morning and look out at our roads and wonder if the kiddos are going to school and if we’ll be able to make it in to work.

Long before the average Clark Countian rises, when weather threats are predicted, Jim Ross, operations manager of the road department has spoken with your commissioners, watched the weather reports, taken to the streets early to ascertain their condition, and when appropriate, calls in a number of our CCRD employees to clear the roads.

Our CCRD employees go to sleep with the expectation that their phones can or will roust them from a deep sleep and a warm bed to call them in to plow our county roads. Yes, that is their job and they know it when they sign up for the job, nonetheless, they roll out of their warm beds and cautiously make their way to the county garages and begin the treacherous task of clearing our roads.

Cheers to the entire road crew. They are the unsung heroes who have been pressed into service many times these last few weeks. My hat is off to each one of you, but not for long, I don’t want my ears to freeze!

Thank you, CCRD.

— Jack Coffman, president, Clark County Commissioners


... to a great insurance company.

On Aug. 26, my husband died. I have been dealing with five insurance companies, well known to all. Since his death only one company would I recommend to anyone and that is AFLAC.

They paid in a most timely fashion and the correct amount. Our independent broker, Patty Franklin, in Louisville, worked with me, also tried to help with another company. She  had nothing to gain but jewels in her crown. I’m still waiting on one company; it will be five months Jan. 26.

Please keep AFLAC in your mind if you are seeking insurance.

— Ellen Wessel, Memphis

Editor’s note: This Cheer originally published Jan. 25-26, but contained an incorrect last name for the author.

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