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June 20, 2013

READER: Fighting a gun ban with a poem

What part of this equation do you not understand. A ban on guns is playing into the bad guys hands.

The crooks, the gangs, the dopers will always have access to weapons and guns. The black market will provide them as long as they have funds.

So bans, confiscation and other rules don’t apply to these guys; because breaking rules is what they do, which isn’t real wise.

It’s us average Joe and Jane that will be hurt in due time, ‘cause we believe in our constitutional rights to protect what’s ours and mine.

So if you ones in power want to further the cause, we suggest adopting a few methods to make the bad guys pause. Hire more good cops to organize neighborhood patrols. Start an affordable clinic teaching proper use of gun control.

Crack down on drugs-users-pushers-gangs-crooks and those of a kind. Instead of paying fines and a slap on the wrist, have them do manual labor while still doing time.

Do away with those clinics passing out pills and dope. Fund institutions for recovery rehabilitation help in getting jobs and a place to live with hope.

Have family city functions to help raise the needed money. Thus paying for these services while helping our lives be more secure and sunny.

“We The People” don’t need others shoving their ideas and beliefs onto us. We need less crime, more jobs and reform without all the fuss.

— Julia Lyons, Jeffersonville

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