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June 22, 2013

DODD: On ADs and such

Local columnist

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.” — Zig Ziglar

Even with no local schools in session, it’s always sports season in Southern Indiana.

This past week, much discussion around town and on local blogs has been the naming of the new athletic directors at Jeffersonville and Charlestown high schools.

Todd Satterly was named for the JHS post while Chad Gilbert was slated for Charlestown job. I am certainly not real familiar with Mr. Satterly, who came from New Albany. Obviously, I am much more knowledgeable about Chad Gilbert’s career.

Gilbert’s resume’ would be very hard to scrutinize. He had spectacular playing careers in high school and college. Chad coached a state championship team for the JHS girls’ varsity program and had a more than respectable coaching record for the Red Devils.

He is a local boy made good and should be warmly received as the head of the Pirates’ athletic department. I had been hearing the buzz about his being named for the AD job for many weeks, and therefore there is no surprise in that announcement.

I haven’t heard from many longtime JHS athletic faithful regarding Satterly, but think that might have been a more surprising choice. I do think it will be a more interesting move to observe and see how he will be greeted by Jeff fans.

Some discussion has centered on the restructuring of the positions and the higher salaries that have been approved. Sources have told me that assistant athletic director positions will be filled.

Since Stemler and Kim Carroll were both female athletic directors, the move to hire two men to replace them at higher salaries is certainly going to be a point of discussion. Superintendent Andrew Melin even addressed that issue when announcing the new hires in the News and Tribune on Wednesday.

As for Stemler and Carroll, I wish them happiness for their future endeavors. I had offered my support in person to both of them in the past. Obviously, with Stemler having been in the higher-profile position at JHS, she had been involved in some more notable stories from the last couple of years — some of which were not always positive.

Her replacement was not quite as surprising as Kim Carroll at CHS. I have talked with Stemler and Carroll in the past about being a rarity in Indiana sports as female athletic directors. I feel that they both penetrated a sort of glass ceiling in that respect. I would love to talk anytime with either or both of you. My e-mail is always open.

It’s kind of business as usual that even when classrooms are out for the summer, the hot topic for area schools will be sports-oriented. As a supporter of both athletic programs since I graduated from Jeffersonville High School and my son graduated from Charlestown High School, I hope for nothing but success for both of the gentlemen.

I am not actively involved in either sports program, so most of what I know and have been told is secondhand. While I still love to watch a game every now and then, my focus long ago moved toward academics as a primary concern for the students.

The politics of sports is certainly a part of it all. When you throw in Greater Clark school board politics, well, who really knows the inside scoop. Past experiences and knowledge always leave me a bit cynical about the process.


Jeffersonville’s own version of “The Voice,” also known as Teddy Throckmorton, recently participated in his 60th Crusade for Children. For those keeping score, that’s actually every one of them ever held. He is one of only a couple of volunteers left that has been involved in all of the Crusades.

Congratulations on No. 60, Ted. I promise you that when you make your 75th Crusade for Children, I will give you another whole column. It might appear in the Senior Citizen’s Newsletter, but I will write it.


Today [Saturday] marks the third day of the Charlestown Founder’s Day celebration activities. The Charlestown Beautification Committee always works hard and does a bang-up job for the annual June celebration.

There are day-long events scheduled for Greenway Park throughout Saturday afternoon that include live music beginning at noon and concluding with a fireworks show scheduled to begin at 10 p.m.

Activities include a classic car show, arts and crafts booths and various contests during the day to include a hula hoops and bubble gum competition. This is a very family-oriented event and people from all over the region are invited to celebrate Charlestown as the city’s birthday is commemorated.

— Lindon Dodd is a freelance writer who can be reached at