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October 5, 2013



... to New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan and the many volunteers that put together the car show in Downtown New Albany on Sept. 21.

With more than 150 cars there on a day of many other car shows in Southern Indiana, it shows the dedication that was put forth. We hope this becomes a regular event.

Somerset, Ky., has proven how you can bring thousands of people and thousands of dollars to a downtown on a Saturday afternoon. Our group ate at one of the sponsoring restaurants for the first time and others ate at the restaurant that passed out fliers to the car owners.

Once again, thanks for all those who worked hard to put on this car show.

— Max Petry, New Albany


... to Zee Auto on 10th Street for fixing my car and not taking advantage of me because I was a woman.

Not only did they fix my car for the amount they quoted me, they went above and beyond. For that, I am truly grateful.

I would like to let all the women know who don’t have a man in their life to fix their car, that you can definitely trust these guys — and my car is an import. I also want to mention I still have both arms and legs after our business transaction. Thank you Zee.

— Kim Poore-Riche, Jeffersonville


...  to humanity paying it forward.

While enjoying breakfast with my siblings and our spouses at Frisch’s on Grant Line Road, something we do each month, our waitress informed us our tabs were picked up by a lady who had been seated across the way, and had already exited.

There were seven of us, not like it was only $15 to $20 to shell out. Thank you to the mystery lady from all of us, it sure made our day. God Bless you.

— Louis Long, Georgetown


... to all those who offered us congratulations and helped us celebrate 100 years in the plant business at Walnut Ridge.

We have always been grateful to the community for their support and would like to extend a special thanks to our wonderful employees, as well.

Thank you to all who have helped make this possible.

— The Julius family


... to the Jeffersonville Library for offering small group and individual assistance in navigating the new federal Health Insurance Exchange.

Hopefully, the New Albany Floyd County library will follow suit soon.

— Ruthanne Wolfe, New Albany



... to the Pence Administration for refusing billions in federal dollars and an estimated 30,000 new jobs to expand Medicaid to provide health insurance to hundreds of thousands of poor Hoosiers.

It was a very foolish decision and there is no reasonable excuse for it.

— Ruthanne Wolfe, New Albany


... to the New Albany Housing Authority for their Excellence in Housing award.

They are a hard-working team with a strong and active board that demonstrate the possibilities that can be realized by the disenfranchised when they have a strong supportive team walking with them to reach the goal of self-sufficiency.

— Susan Ryan, New Albany


... to the Jeffersonville Public Library for their expansive work in providing ways for people to learn how to navigate the new health care website and choose the right insurance plan.

It would be great if something similar could happen in New Albany.

— Susan Ryan, New Albany


... to the gentlemen who helped me load mulch into by Ford Ranger truck last Saturday at ABOUT 6 p.m. at the Thornton’s on State Street in New Albany.

I thought I could do it myself, but seeing I has having difficulty, this nice gentleman stopped pumping his gas and came to my rescue.

Thanks again for being my angel for the day.

— Coelen Mattingly, Galena


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