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October 7, 2013

CUMMINS: Have you hugged your congressperson today?

Call you congresspersons and tell them you are praying for them. Bless them, for they knowest not what they doeth. Send them a donation earmarked for their mental health fund. No, they’re covered under Obamacare. The sick, sick “illness” in Washington is catching. I feel shutdown writing this as our country is, all because of the Obamacare mandate. But citizens must speak out, so I will speak on this computer all day and night if I want to. Sen. Ted Cruz did. 

As Cruz said, I’ll talk with every “breath” until Obamacare is repealed. As I listened to him for 21 hours, I worried about him, bless his heart. Have you ever talked for 21 hours with a bladder full? You have to admire the man trying to preserve our freedom and saving America by holding fluids in. You also have the right to reject health care. Of course, if you reject it, you will die, but be free to check out the health care in Heaven, unless God rejects you, too. 

This article is not about death-bed politics in Washington, but it’s about how to love your fellow men and women. Hug them. Until Mitch McConnell hugs Harry Reid, and John Boehner rushes across the house floor falling into Nancy Pelosi’s arms, America’s cancers will spread.

As you trudge through daily life, you worry about the vicissitudes inherent in existence, including the chairmen of committees in Washington. As a result of these turbulent times, you seek solace, comfort and assurance. Now people find relief by rushing up to the nearest individual and hugging them. If you’re walking down a busy street worried about the government shutting down, your tendency is to step in front of a stranger and say, “I need a hug.” Strangers are worried, too, and in all likelihood, they will honor your request. If he is a he and you are a he, there may be sexual orientation questions, but don’t hesitate, we must promote love. If you are a he and happen to block a she on a street, she might accuse you of innuendo. Don’t let this stop you; we must promote love, setting an example for our terrorist-prone congresspersons.

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