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June 22, 2013

CHEERS AND JEERS — For June 22-23


... to elected officials with board attention deficit disorder.

The symptoms of BADD include audible cell phone ringers, active texting during a meeting, note-passing and not sharing them with the rest of the class and whispering while others are speaking. School board members are especially affected by this condition, which is interesting considering students are written up for such behavior. Some members have actually missed calls for votes because of BADD.

Treatment includes leaving your phone in your purse, listening attentively to those whom have the floor and paying attention while making decisions that cost constituents hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A dose of manners also is recommended.

— Jerod Clapp, News and Tribune education reporter


... to the traffic disaster in the downtown Louisville and Jeffersonville areas that lies ahead.

This week, details emerged about upcoming road and ramp closures related to the Ohio River Bridges Project. There are some jaw-droppers.

How about an estimated 1,000-day closure starting July 8 for the Interstate 64 eastbound ramp to Interstate 65 southbound. That’s sure to thrill Floyd County residents who head south through downtown Louisville to work.

Or, the 258-day closure for I-64 EB to I-65 NB starting in spring 2016. That’s the route I normally take when returning to the Jeffersonville office from New Albany.

Then there’s the Clark Memorial Bridge closing completely for about a month in May 2014. One wreck on the Kennedy Bridge and it will be traffic madness.

The debate on the need for two new bridges instead of just one on the east end of Clark and Jefferson counties will rage on forever. The fact is that the two-bridges project — including a new one downtown — is upon us. We’ll see, once completed in 2016, if the project has as great an affect as its leaders claim it will. No one can know for sure.

I do know this. Traffic headaches for the next three years are going to be terrible for drivers getting anywhere near the downtown I-65 corridor.

Keep calm and carry on, even if it’s at a stop-and-go rate.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... to great service at Pizza Hut

After a wonderful service for Sunday school at my local church on Father’s Day, about 10 of us church folks, including the pastor, decided to go to Pizza Hut on 10th Street in Jeffersonville. The restaurant had been recently remodeled and we wanted to check it out. The food was normally good there, and if they had remodeled, this would be the Hut of all Huts, taking it from good to great.

The waitress seated us in an area together and we feasted. During the course of the brunch and all of us having gotten our fill, the power to the facility goes out about 1:30 p.m. The oven lost power, the drink machine and the cash register.

Some of us scavengers raided the pizza bar for the last helpings. The waitress thankfully brought out drink refills in a bottled version.

Our group waited for a while to see if the power would come back on to print out our bills. Surprisingly, the manager comes out and apologizes for the inconvenience, to no fault of her own. She stated that lunch was on us for the trouble. What a nice Father’s Day gift. So hats off to Pizza Hut, it’s truly a Pops’ Hut.

Come on dads, let’s take our kids to Pizza Hut.

P.S. I forget the tip, sorry.

— Tim Brown


... to all of the volunteers who came out, regardless of the heat, on Saturday, June 15, to help with the Clark County Ohio River Sweep.

We had a great turnout at the Falls of the Ohio State Park, with a significant amount of debris removed from the banks of the Ohio River. Scouts, civic organizations, businesses, church groups, families and individuals made the event a huge success. Many of the large items were recycled, including truck and car tires, plastic and a metal door.

Although the majority of volunteers were residents of Clark County, many participants came to help from Floyd and Jefferson counties as well. Alayne Wright, a resident of Louisville and a retired employee of American Commercial Barge Lines, has helped man the Ashland Park location since 1997. She dedicates her time volunteering for various organizations, and continues to give back to the Clark County area by working the sweep. Thank you so much, Alayne!

A special shout-out goes to Troop No. 1 from Jeffersonville for their extra effort. They took on the task of hauling a discarded Jacuzzi a great distance up the river bank, so that it could be picked up by Clarksville storm and street department crews. Each year this troop comes out to help with the cleanup, and they obviously aren’t afraid of hard work. Thanks Troop #1!

Hope to see you at next year’s sweep.

— Carol Huff, Clark County Ohio River Sweep Coordinator


... to the Veterans Affairs administration and their woefully slow processing of applications for service connected disabilities.

I’m told the Indianapolis Regional office is one of the slowest, and I must agree. In my work, I have met veterans who have waited going on three years for a determination. I had waited well over a year myself.  

— Shawn Clements, Charlestown



... to U.S. Rep. Todd Young and his amazing staff, especially Becky Lambert.

Due to the congressman’s meetings with Veterans Affairs to push for faster claims consideration for all veterans and his staff’s dogged follow-through (and keeping me informed no less), I did get a decision.

Others I know tell me their claims seem to be progressing as well. Many thanks for their dedication and hard work.

— Shawn Clements, Charlestown

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