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April 17, 2013

ANDERSON: Sequestration: It isn’t just a national issue


• Nutrition assistance for seniors would lose $820,000 in funds that provide meals for seniors. 

As you read in last week’s News and Tribune in Daniel Suddeth’s article, the Housing Authority of New Albany is preparing for the same cuts. Add to that the cuts that Jeffersonville’s Housing Authority and Charlestown’s Housing Authority must make and regionally we will lose between 50-55 units of housing and support to families eligible for public housing.  We currently have 75 people at the emergency shelter, add another 50-55 families to an already struggling system and watch what happens.  

As citizens we often don’t take the time to talk to our legislators about our issues unless we feel directly hit by them. This is a direct hit that could be avoided.  

The polarization in Washington is the worst case of partisan politics I have witnessed in my lifetime. What is wrong? We have so much need, so many people and absolutely no real representation. The party line on both sides seems to be the mantra. We vote people in who are supposed to listen to their constituents, to hear their concerns and to vote based upon what they hear, not upon what they are told to do by political parties.   

It is no wonder a larger group of people are not participating in elections, they are tired, weakened and disgusted.

If our elected officials really wanted to do something they would be courageous. They would go against the grain and vote based on an informed assimilation of information, they would hold town hall meetings you could really attend and take that back to D.C.  

Tonight I watched in horror injured people terrified and frightened as they tried to escape the carnage that took place at the Boston Marathon. I had a busy day so I didn’t even know about it until after 5 p.m. When I watched all I could think about was how horrific it was, an 8-year-old died in that carnage, more than 100 injured, blood and body parts everywhere. Can we really afford cuts to defense and local law enforcement?  

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