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April 17, 2013

ANDERSON: Sequestration: It isn’t just a national issue


Locally we have two huge events happening in the next two weeks.  Should we be frightened? I think all of us should be. 

The priority for our safety by our federally elected officials just isn’t there. If it was, this debacle called Sequestration would be over and we would start working together to solve the issues.  

Our local police, fire and military have a huge load to carry especially during the Kentucky Derby and Thunder Over Lousiville. It will need to be all hands on deck.  

As I read the jail and police logs in the News and Tribune and see the drug arrests I wonder how we will fare with reduced funding for treatment programs. As we talk about concerns from the CDC about new stages of the flu can we really afford cuts to public health?  Enough! Sometimes we just have to say enough. 

Restore some sanity.  Stop playing with people’s lives and start representing the American people as a group of lawmakers not afraid to cross the aisle no matter what side you are on. Grow some guts and take a stand. Serve your people, you are our servants. Stop pandering to your political parties and your wants and needs on all levels, nationally, locally and regionally.  

I am a patriot, a person who truly believes in government for the people, by the people, and of the people. When we start to practice that, let me know.


— Barbara Anderson is executive director of Haven House Services Inc.

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