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April 5, 2013

NASH: Are we getting our money’s worth?


Last year Dr. Hibbard received a $28,500 raise and a $10,000 bonus for all the hard work that he had done over the past several months. So for 2012 he received $38,500 more than his contract called for in a county with a per capita income of less than $28,000, and just over a year later he is looking to improve his situation yet again? Will the school board once again give in and pony up some extra cash to make sure he stays?

Now I don’t begrudge someone for trying to create a better situation for himself, but what does it say about his priorities?  When Dr. Hibbard finally finds that job that he is looking for, I would suggest to the board of school trustees that they seek out a candidate whose chief priority is the children of our community. What if the next person they choose was a member of this community who had a vested interest in its future?

This week it was announced that the Floyd County Republican Party would convene a caucus in order to replace Floyd County Auditor Darin Coddington, who has resigned effective May 3. Coddington, who announced his resignation on March 1, cited “personal reasons” for leaving his position  with about 20 months left in his term. The resignation also came when his job performance was under scrutiny for giving the wrong figures as the Floyd County Council prepared the 2013 budget.

It has been reported that the auditor has not been attending the meetings of the county council or the commissioners since he announced his resignation.  If he had not intended to fill the duties of his office, maybe he should have made his resignation effective immediately. Why was there a two-month gap in his announcement and his eventual departure?

Coddington  has denied that the budget dilemma that is currently facing our county is his reason for leaving. He was elected in 2010 in an election when several local races seemed to ride the wave of momentum that swept across the country.  I believe that he was elected to a position that he was not equipped to handle and now the citizens of Floyd County are paying the price for that mistake.

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