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March 11, 2013

CUMMINS: Don’t ever give away your daughter


 “Pride and Prejudice” is a simple, but intricately complex story about how Mrs. Bennet plotted and maneuvered to find five suitable “gentlemen” husbands for their five daughters. The overwhelmed Mr. Bennet gave up and sequestered himself in his library.  

Why the enduring popularity of an early 19th century love story? Perhaps we’re looking back to see if we’ve missed something. Love and marriage were proper and civil back then. You kissed her hand gallantly, not pawed and slobbered all over her. A lady or gentleman lacking manners and propriety were doomed. All was not fair in love or war, and anything goes went nowhere. If you get tired and bored with hooking up on the Internet, read Jane Austen on Kindle.


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