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January 25, 2013

NASH: Is any of this really news?


In a recent column I made the comment in reference to the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baby by saying, “Hopefully this ‘story’ will get the attention it deserves.” One of my long-time readers thought there was a possibility that I was serious when I said it. By putting the word “story” in quotation marks I was hoping that people would understand what I meant. I would also like to say if you plan to jump on me over the content of this or any other column that appears on this page in the News and Tribune, read the banner at the top of this page. This is not a page for news, it is a page for opinions.

Over the last several years news outlets have been giving actual news the back seat to whatever may be “trending.” If people are talking about it on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media it must be what is most important for us to know. I just wish that if you want to be known as a news outlet, then maybe you should be required to stick to the news.

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