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February 1, 2013

NASH: The time has come


While people sit around and talk about the growing problem of childhood obesity, we have been limiting the availability to facilities for our youth to play outdoors. I am the parent of  three children that still live at home ages 15, 13 and 11.  Most of the time it is impossible to get my kids to put down the electronic devices and go outside and play. The one way that I can get them excited to play outside is by taking them swimming.

Last summer when the temperatures reached 100 degrees for days on end, it was also very dangerous to be outside without a way to keep cool.  My kids and I enjoyed several days at either the Clarksville or Jeffersonville municipal swimming pools. It would be nice to have that same chance here in New Albany again.

There will always be people that are against spending any money on anything that would improve New Albany. I can make one call and have 20 people show up at a city council meeting to “protest.” They have been against every worthwhile project in our city, including the building of the downtown YMCA. Remember nearly every vote leading up to building the YMCA was a slim 5-4 margin. I don’t think these naysayers represent the average family in New Albany.

I am sure that some people would come out against the building of the swimming pool because there are other projects that they believe are more worthwhile or taxpayers are unwilling to pay for things that they will never use. Personally, I am tired of paying for murder trials and an obsolete jail, that is barely 20 years old.

I am nostalgic for a bygone era when I use to spend hot summer  afternoons cooling myself at the local municipal swimming pool. I lived within walking distance of our local swimming pool “Oasis” which was later remodeled and named for New Albany’s Olympic swimming hero Camille Wright, who was also a neighbor of mine. I believe that a future Olympic swimmer could possibly live in New Albany if only they had a facility where their love of swimming could be cultivated.

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