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February 15, 2013

NASH: Are we better off?


They claimed they couldn’t change the past, they just wanted to move forward. I believe that they could have committed to additional funding to make up for previous shortfalls, but they were unwilling to do that. Had they been willing to at least try to bring their budget in line with what the city was paying, I think that splitting the parks may not have been necessary.  

Mayor Jeff Gahan, as the leader for the residents of New Albany, did what he thought was in the best interest for city residents. Without a stable commitment from Floyd County leaders, after years of negligence, he decided that the time had come for the city to move on. For years, city residents had paid more money into the parks department while the county said, “at least we’re doing better than Clark County.” 

Clark County has multiple municipal parks departments within its borders. They have multiple outdoor water facilities and multiple baseball complexes. 

The Floyd council members claimed if the parks department needed more money all it had to do was ask. They failed to remember that they had been asked several times in the past and each time the parks department was denied. In December 2011, the department asked for $250,000 to fulfill the council’s obligation. The council voted down a $100,000 compromise before agreeing to $50,000. 

Why should anyone believe that they have any intentions of living up to their agreements?

Earlier this week, New Albany Little League announced plans for a new baseball and softball complex to be located near the Interstate 265 interchange. Floyd County has been announced as partners in the plan. 

I think it is great the New Albany Little League could soon begin the process of moving to a better location, but am curious as to why they have chosen to collaborate with a group who has been unwilling to spend any money in the last 10 years unless it had to do with law enforcement?

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