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November 5, 2012

DODD'S ODDS: 2012 Election, Clark County and beyond

Local columnist

“Democrats are the only reason to vote for Republicans.” — Will Rogers

It’s election time and that means it’s time for another round of Dodd’s Odds. Disclaimer — this is not necessarily the way I will vote or how I might want it to turn out Tuesday, Nov. 6.

District 5 School Board Race

Christina Gilkey — Dodd’s Odds 2:1

You know or should have known her record as a board member and specifically this past one as the board president. Two weeks ago, I would have this race a toss-up. The last three weeks I believe will turn the race.

Dale Moss — Dodd’s Odds 9:5

Who doesn’t love a newspaper columnist? As I wait for the snickering to die down I will add that Dale has the best name recognition I have seen in local politics in a long time. By just sitting idle in the race Moss has benefited greatly from the Jeffersonville High School principal fiasco in what is for me the best race to watch on the ballot.

District 7 School Board Race

Becka Christensen — 1:1

She is honest, emotional, feisty, passionate and dedicated. You will always know where she stands whether you agree with her or not. She is a true community activist in or out of office. Her total vote tally will fall far short of her election leading total last time out.

Teresa Bottorf-Perkins — 5:2

She has the intellectual pedigree and resume. She very obviously is qualified. Would a rose by any other name — albeit would Teresa Bottorf sans Perkins make a difference? I believe it would.

District 6 School Board Race

Jerry White — Dodd’s Odd 2:1

He was appointed to current his seat and has yet to be elected to an office. White was a stalwart but silent supporter of the anti-Daeschner Super Majority.

Alice Dorman Butler — 4:1

She is a very well-known activist within the school board community. She is much less well-known to those casual observers or the truly apathetic of voters on school issues. An upset is possible but not likely.

District 2 School Board Race

Tony Hall — Dodd’s Odds 2:1

Probably the one to beat in this race and a former school teacher. I think it will be close, but when he started using the name Clay Tony Hall, one saw the major advantage of the political name game.

Vickie Boisseau — Dodd’s Odds 3:1

An old Oak Park girl will always be tough to compete with in any contest. She is professional and likable. Vickie is very much in the race.

Fred Krenke — Dodd’s Odds 10:1

He was a school teacher and they will always attract some votes. It’s hard to see him beating Hall. He does potentially inherit the role of spoiler and could garner enough votes from another former teacher for Boisseau to sneak in the office.

District 1 County Commissioner

Ed Meyer — Dodd’s Odds 2:1

When you get your hand caught in the political cookie jar with crumbs on your face, it is best to deny, deny, deny; then deflect and throw the county attorney under the bus. The current state of Clark County politics will be evident for all to see when he is still re-elected. If that happens, the buzz is to look for a new county attorney.

Rick Stephenson — Dodd’s Odds- 5:2

I know very little about Rick Stephenson and that’s the problem. If I don’t know much I am sure the voting public doesn’t as well. He will surely get some anti-Meyer vote but it won’t be enough to overcome strong Democratic Party support.

District 2 County Commissioner

Jack Coffman — Dodd’s Odds- 2:1

Coffman as a former office-holder has name recognition. There will be some anti-incumbent voting and with the votes he already brings, Coffman will prevail. If Ed Meyer wins, Coffman will be odd man out on the power pyramid.

Les Young — Dodd’s Odds- 4:1

After John Perkins was appointed by a caucus of party officials, Les inherited the same spot as Mike Moore then held — the odd man out when it came to being on the short end of the 2-1 vote. In a political paradox, Young will suffer more voter fallout from the Ed Meyer real estate controversy than Ed Meyer himself.

U.S. Senate

Richard Mourdock — Dodd’s Odds 10:1

Have you ever noticed when a male political candidate tries to combine religion, politics and women’s reproductive rights into a sentence they always end up looking pretty bad? Defending it the next day was even more ludicrous.

Joe Donnelly — Dodd’s Odds 1:1

I think he is a lock now because, er, well, that’s just what God intended.

Indiana Governor

Mike Pence — Dodd’s Odds- 3:5

A loss for him Tuesday would be mind-boggling.

John Gregg — Dodd’s Odds- 50:1

A win would trump a Dewey Beats Truman headline.


Mitt Romney — Dodd’s Odds- 5:1

In what should have been a walkover, the Republicans ended up with an ideologically wavering moderate candidate they didn’t want nor agree with who can only win if ultra-conservative right-wing fundamentalist Christians will vote en masse for someone of a different faith.  

President Barack Obama — Dodd’s Odds 2:1

He has not been as successful as his ardent supporters had wished him to be and not nearly as bad as the detractors would like you to think. Two-term Presidents are historically much more productive and successful in a second term.

— Lindon Dodd is a freelance writer who can be contacted at