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November 5, 2012

DODD'S ODDS: 2012 Election, Clark County and beyond


U.S. Senate

Richard Mourdock — Dodd’s Odds 10:1

Have you ever noticed when a male political candidate tries to combine religion, politics and women’s reproductive rights into a sentence they always end up looking pretty bad? Defending it the next day was even more ludicrous.

Joe Donnelly — Dodd’s Odds 1:1

I think he is a lock now because, er, well, that’s just what God intended.

Indiana Governor

Mike Pence — Dodd’s Odds- 3:5

A loss for him Tuesday would be mind-boggling.

John Gregg — Dodd’s Odds- 50:1

A win would trump a Dewey Beats Truman headline.


Mitt Romney — Dodd’s Odds- 5:1

In what should have been a walkover, the Republicans ended up with an ideologically wavering moderate candidate they didn’t want nor agree with who can only win if ultra-conservative right-wing fundamentalist Christians will vote en masse for someone of a different faith.  

President Barack Obama — Dodd’s Odds 2:1

He has not been as successful as his ardent supporters had wished him to be and not nearly as bad as the detractors would like you to think. Two-term Presidents are historically much more productive and successful in a second term.

— Lindon Dodd is a freelance writer who can be contacted at

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