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July 29, 2013

HOWEY: Government emails, John Gregg and me


 What John Gregg ended up with was a third-generation journalist who relentlessly bent his ear about his upcoming decision to call up the O'Bannon veto of 1083 the following week.

In the Dec. 9 2004 “10th Anniversary Edition” of Howey Politics (you can read it in the Indiana State Library arhives), I described the scene: “I pleaded, begged and implored Gregg not to hand down the bill. He listened politely, but was noncommittal. When I left the banquet hall, I used a 'Rexism' to describe what I had just done, telling a friend, 'I feel like I just threw up in the punch bowl.'”

A week later, Gregg refused to hand down the override.

And three years later, in that 10th anniversary edition, Gregg observed, “You were not given the credit you personally deserved on the issue of the media bill and the override. You told me it would've been disastrous to hand it down and you were right. That is a decision I've never regretted and I owe you a big one on that.”

Actually, despite the discomfort of the demise of this bill has caused Purdue President Daniels and now State Rep. Huston, Hoosiers all owe Gregg a big debt of gratitude for having the courage to buck his chamber and keep government emails in the check and balance system that has, for the most part, kept Indiana state government corruption-free since the last big scandal that occurred 30 years ago.  

— Brian Howey publishes at Find him on Twitter @hwypol.

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