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September 25, 2013



Councilwoman wonders, where’s the integrity?

I am stunned and embarrassed for our county, at the revelations in the News and Tribune concerning one of our employees. A man who had his sights on an office, I think, is the most important one in our county. The office of peacekeeper – also known as sheriff.

It’s an office that requires an individual to swear an oath to uphold and defend our U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the great state of Indiana. This individual would also swear to serve and protect the citizens of Clark County. The office, in my opinion, requires an individual, male or female, to have integrity.

After reading about Chuck Adams [in a story published Sept. 21-22], who I assume has taken these oaths and been in our employ for more than 30 years I, of course, questioned Maj. Adams’ integrity and sincerity. But this businessman, Mr. Larry Brooks’ integrity also came to mind. I don’t know this Mr. Brooks, nor as taxpayer do I pay his salary or eventually his pension, but from what I concluded, he thought the sweet deal discussed was just fine, until Adams didn’t return the favor via the car issue or was moving in on his girlfriend? Really? I don’t think he is someone I would consider doing business with.

Back to the sheriff’s department employees. I hope this type of behavior isn’t rampant, but sunlight is the best disinfectant. Please call me if you have some light to share at 502-296-4226.

Where is the integrity in people? How much have sweet deals cost the taxpayers? We already have to support our law enforcement via mandates. How much will the recipients of these deals continue to cost us in pensions?

Again, Clark County is in the media and one of its “finest” is an embarrassment. I hope Adams takes Mr. Brooks advice to stay out of the race moving forward, since he had the gall to give it.

Who will rise to the top and take a stand and be a Constitutional sheriff in the vain of a Sheriff Mack? The citizens need to seriously vet whoever ends up running in the 2014 party primaries.

–– Kelly Khuri, Jeffersonville, Clark County councilwoman

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