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October 7, 2013

HOWEY: A new level of public service for Hoosiers


On the website and its health reform portal, Hoosiers going through the Frequently Asked Questions found propaganda — the controversial Indiana Department of Insurance analysis that insurance rates are going to go up 72 percent with the average Hoosier paying $570 a month. This was a gross simplification of all the data, rounded off into one very troubling number.

State Rep. Ed Clere, the New Albany Republican who chairs the House Public Health Committee, told my colleague Maureen Hayden of CNHI, “It’s a high visibility issue with mass confusion. Everybody’s heard of Obamacare. Everbody knows something big is going on. What they don’t know are the details.”

Clere was at a town hall in Indianapolis last Monday as the fight in Congress over the ACA was shutting down the federal government. He found people seeking help.

“It shows the divide between the political elite and the people who most need access to insurance,” he said. “People want solutions, not pointless partisanship. There are plenty of reasons to question the design and sustainability of the ACA, but those are debates for another day. Whether we like it or not, it’s the law, and as state policymakers, we should focus on getting the best possible deal for Indiana.”

Folks, we are in a new era of public service and, quite frankly, it has stooped to a new, low, disgusting level. 

— Brian Howey publishes at Find on on Twitter @hwypol.

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