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October 10, 2013


Reader disappointed in Rep. Young

I am disappointed in U.S. Rep. Todd Young. He did demonstrate with his votes support for a few government programs — like national monuments and parks.

But does it follow, then, that Young does not support other shut down programs like food inspections and monitoring of levels of pollutants in our air and water? Does he not see that choosing to fund only laws and programs he personally likes is not the way democracy works? Does Young think the Capitol police should protect him and other members of Congress — as they were called upon to do just this past Thursday — with their pay uncertain at the time and currently delayed? Does Young really think government doesn’t do anything worthwhile and that government jobs aren’t “real jobs”? If so, why doesn’t Congress eliminate their own pay during the government shutdown — and beyond?

Since House Republicans have voted to reopen segments of government in response to public outcry, it seems to me we might get the rest of government reopened by protesting the lack of services normally provided by each and every government sector that remains closed.

Phone or email Young and the House leadership once for each closed government department. After all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

— Sandra French, New Albany

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