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April 12, 2013

NASH: Taking some important steps


After much prodding by a well-meaning coworker who was only worried about my health, I finally made an appointment to have my blood work redone and waited patiently for the lab results to come back. I was confident I could will  my numbers to be lower than the initial results. I also was under the impression my health care provider would just recommend that I try to eat a little better and try to exercise a little more. I thought for sure that when I returned for the follow up that I would be let off with just a “warning.”  I was mistaken.

The comprehensive results presented to me painted a rather bleak picture of my future. While it was pointed out that I was in generally good health, my blood pressure was considered “pretty good” and my blood sugar level was considered normal, I was still informed that without some changes in my diet and lifestyle, I could be in some trouble in the very near future.

Without making adjustments to my current standard of living I could be looking at heart disease or possibly Type 2 diabetes. It was recommended I start taking a “statin,” a class of drug that lowers cholesterol. I was given some samples for the first month to see how I respond before I am prescribed something permanently. 

It was also  suggested that I limit the amount of red meat in my diet, and to stay away from all fast food, white bread and potatoes. I have started taking my lunch to work to keep from eating junk food since it was easy to grab a bag of chips and a soda when I got hungry.  

I volunteered to limit the number of soft drinks that I consumed and it was suggested that I eliminate them all together.  Apparently the commercials of the seventies were embellished and Coke does not “add life.”  I have been keeping a water bottle close so that I can up my water intake.

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