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August 20, 2013


Where’s the health care outrage?

My questions for the citizens of Indiana are:

Why are you not complaining to your governor and state senators and House members about all of our federal tax money that will start going to Kentucky, California and all the states that have signed on for the millions of dollars they will receive in the coming years from the Affordable Care Act?

Why should we be paying for other states’ health care and not provide for our own? The ACA is modeled on the Republican plan put into effect, beautifully, in Massachusetts by Gov. Mitt Romney, where 98 percent of their residents now have health care insurance.

Why did our state’s governor elect to keep affordable health care from our citizens?

If you find a sensible reason for this, please let me know.

— Barb Donahue, Jeffersonville

New Albany not immune to homelessness

The executive board of Tri-County Health Coalition of Southern Indiana would like to say a big thank you to the News and  Tribune and Courier-Journal for printing articles and pictures on the subject of homelessness In Indiana.

I pray that the city of New Albany government officials were able to read these. New Albany has a fine group of capable people running the city. However, they are stretched to the limit and geographically removed from that of the homeless population.

They need food, shelter or transportation to travel to the one and only homeless shelter in Jeffersonville.

For years, Tri-County Health Coalition and volunteers have begged and prayed for help for the homeless as we watched the population grow. At the beginning on Christmas Eve, the volunteers and I would find a few homeless people sitting in cars and under bridges in Floyd County to serve coffee and sandwiches. Soon, we found homeless veterans and as of today, Floyd County has addition homeless teens and youth living on the streets. My dear citizens please, I beg you, open your eyes, the street homeless youth population is growing very fast.

Tri-County is a very small organization with a shoestring budget and all volunteers; we can only do so much.

A wonderful friend to the coalition has supported homeless teens for months as they were allowed to sleep on the floor of our small office at night. Another friend of the coalition is purchasing food to feed the men that sleep under our bridges.

This summer, the board allowed our office to be a cooling center with cold water for people to get out of the heat.

The executive board asks for prayer and for the city government and citizens please help the people. Tomorrow, it could be you.

— Jesse Floyd, Tri-County Health Coalition president, New Albany

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