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August 20, 2013



Reader encourages action on fair tax

Below is an open letter to Congressman Todd Young, our U.S. representative for the 9th District. I am asking readers to contact Young at 812-288-3999  with encouragement to co-sponsor the Fair Tax bill in Congress. This National Sales Tax proposal, which replaces all federal taxes, except the excise type, without changing any programs is an excellent step toward righting our economy. The Fair Tax replaces the federal income tax, the Social Security and Medicare taxes, the death tax, the capital gains tax, and all others. We would also be relieved of all tax filings and turn April 15 into just another spring day. Elimination of the IRS with a simple Federal Sales Tax makes sense.

Dear Congressman Young,

Last winter The FairTax Act of 2013, introduced in companion bills HR 25 and S122, continued to stretch its impressive lead in Congressional sponsorship over that of all other proposed tax reform measures. As of Aug. 9, 2013, a total of 70 members of the House of Representatives and seven Senators have pledged their support to the FairTax by co-sponsoring the respective bill. Doing so, they have demonstrated their commitment to the only tax system proposed to Congress that meets every recognized feature for an effective tax system: simple, fair, visible, neutral (does not impact individual or business investment decisions), efficient, stable and promotes economic growth.  Indiana should have unanimous support among our elected representatives in Congress for the FairTax.

I encourage you to do the right thing today for your family, your constituents, Indiana and our nation by co-sponsoring HR 25. If you have any question about the FairTax, please do not hesitate to call on me at any time. I am here for you!

— David B. Patterson, New Albany, Fair Tax assistant state director and 9th District director

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