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August 24, 2013

CHEERS & JEERS — For Aug. 24




... to Greater Clark County Schools cutting 10 minutes off the morning drop-off time for elementary students.

This is creating a traffic nightmare, unsafe conditions for pedestrians and late students, not to mention the hundreds of parents that are either late to work or stressed out from the morning commute. They are faced with a ton of complaints and their solution is to look at the traffic pattern.

You can’t get over 600 kids into a school in less than 15 minutes; it is that simple.

— Courtney Howerton, Jeffersonville



... to the News and Tribune for making a irate customer very happy.

Two week ago, I paid $21 for my yard sale ad to run Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I was having my sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It did not run the first day, Thursday, so I went down and was told I would get a $7 refund for the one day that it did not run.

Well, today I got a check for $21. Way to make a customer happy.

Thanks, News and  Tribune.

— Janet Sprague



... to the News and Tribune for its coverage of the Giants in the Faith event.

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon honoring God, and also honoring the men and women who gave of themselves so much to spread the word of God to their families, neighbors and fellow man.

The small acts of charity toward everyone to give the glory and honor to God. These small acts of charity, kindness, respect and helping rarely make the news, but it is these actions that keep our community blessed.

All these people who were recognized as Giants in the Faith are just everyday Christians and residents of New Albany. What a confronting thought to know that there are people praying for our local government — people, firemen, policemen and so on.Please next year give this event front-page coverage.

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