News and Tribune

November 7, 2013


Man urges against hunting

Hunting season will start soon and some people will take great delight in killing animals that are of no threat to them.

The one thing those people have in common is they will not admit their joy in killing. They use excuses such as culling the herd to prevent starvation, even though no one has ever seen a starved to death animal in the woods, or feeding the poor, even though there are food banks for those in need.

The killing of anything should be a solemn occasion, not for fun. People used to hunt because they needed the food. They no longer need to do that, so the only reason left is the thrill of the kill. The fact that some people eat what they kill doesn’t mask their reason for killing.

However, the cruel part is that some of these people will put guns in the hands of their children and teach them to kill. Children should be taught compassion, not cruelty. Encouraging a child to kill goes against their natural affinity toward animals. Those parents will sometimes take a photo of their child standing over the dead body of their trophy and send it to the paper for publication. Such photos show a complete disrespect for the life taken.

It’s really sad that we live in a society where kill wild animals for fun is considered normal. Parents, if you want to go kill something, please leave your children at home. There’s enough violence in the world without passing it down to the next generation.

— James Wilson, Speed