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October 24, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Oct. 24, 2012

> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Hope leader says thanks for giant response

Once again I have the pleasure of expressing sincere gratitude to the community, on behalf of both Hope Southern Indiana (formerly Interfaith Community Council) and myself personally.

We applaud the significant support that families and individuals of all ages showed at our sixth-annual “Giants in the Faith” community celebration and luncheon in August. It’s humbling to see so many people from diverse backgrounds come together for the purpose of praising God and his hand in our lives and for honoring the behind-the-scenes people whose faith continues to make a difference in others’ lives.

This year’s event hosted 420 people for an afternoon of heartwarming fellowship and sharing Christ. It is not a fundraiser, so Hope is additionally grateful to the News and Tribune for its title sponsorship, along with Seabrook Dieckmann & Naville Funeral Homes and First Harrison Bank for supporting sponsorships. Many other individuals and businesses also donated time and goods to make the afternoon possible and memorable.

We are excited to announce that the seventh-annual “Giants in the Faith” will be earlier than before — Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013, again from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at Plantation Hall at Huber’s Orchard and Winery in Starlight. Please note this on your personal and church calendars so people can plan.

The entire community will once again be invited to submit the names of people (who live or worship in Floyd County) who have had an impact on their Christian faith. The process was not designed to recognize just a list of roles that people have held but ways in which they live out their faith as examples to us all.

Watch the media for more details in the spring as the submission period begins, followed by the time to make reservations. Plan to attend and capture in person the excitement that comes when God’s people raise the roof to honor him as the greatest Giant ever!

Mark your calendars now for Aug. 4. Encourage your family, friends and church to do the same, and hold the date. You will be blessed!

— Christine Harbeson, executive director, Hope Southern Indiana

Reader makes school board endorsements

The need for change is once again the center of political discussion. And this year, it is a critical local issue for Clark County, particularly its youth and their future.

In less than two weeks, we will vote on whether the Greater Clark County Schools Board of Trustees will continue business as usual. In recent years, the board exercised good judgment in hiring Stephen Daeschner, who pulled schools out of sagging scores and lead Greater Clark to the greatest increase in student academic achievement in the district’s history. Indeed, our children achieved gains that exceeded all other comparable districts in the state. Nevertheless, the board dismissed him as superintendent, stating reasons that left most of us scratching our heads.

The board also has a history of doing business with the appearance of favoritism. For example, rather than recusing herself, Christina Gilkey voted to extend a six-figure contract to her uncle’s company. She declared that her participation in the decision did not violate ethical rules, a conclusion that may be technically correct.

However, quality education is more than information and test scores. It provides children with a compass for decision-making. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Gilkey’s participation in advancing a family member’s interests in this instance, and a few other board members not calling the question, reflect poorly on their objectivity and ability to protect the trust that the community extended to them.

We cherish the closeness of our community. Our community’s proven leaders are trying to forward our school system, our teachers and our most valuable asset, our children’s future. We have other “leaders” that are trying to forward their nepotism-monopoly and play politics with our children’s future. Our school system is not the place for small-town politics. Our children deserve fresh thinking, proven leadership, and most of all, a heart for doing what is best for our kids — not trustees with selfish motives.

I urge you to help cultivate a new culture on the board and vote for Dale Moss, Alice Butler, Vicki Boisseau and Becka Christensen. Let’s show our children how to cast a strong vote for a bright future and not a vote for politics as usual in our county and put the trust back in trustee.

— DeAnna Hall, Charlestown

Reader tired of GOP

The voter I.D. law is another way the Republicans are trying to suppress the poor and middle class from voting. This is wrong. They are trying to make this country more like Russia.

Maybe it is time for an Arab spring in this country to take our country back. The Republican agenda is no taxes on the rich, no cuts to defense. Is this for our protection, or to protect their wealth?

Trickle down is to lower your wages to $4 an hour to do away with your retirement, Medicare and Medicaid.

Ask them for facts and you get baloney. War is their way to increase their wealth. They are for big oil, deregulation of banks and Wall Street so they can continue to hurt the middle and lower class.

We need to outlaw lobbyists who bribe our fine lawmakers. They need to do what is best for our so-called Democratic country. All they know is suppression and taking away our rights. It is time for us to take back our country.

— George L. Dorman, Clarksville