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February 22, 2013

NASH: And the winner is ...


There have been a lot of movies that I have wanted to see, but the rising ticket cost has been prohibitive — not to mention my inability to watch a movie without several pounds of popcorn and liters of soft drink that make it that much more expensive. To take a date, it could become a burden to do it more than a few times a year.  If you want to spend an evening out with the family, it has become nearly unaffordable to do it very often.

With the availability of VCRs and later DVDs, staying at home and watching a movie has become so much more practical.  These days I see many movies six months to a year after they come out either on Netflix or one of the premium cable movie channels. Occasionally we can also “rent” a movie from our cable provider shortly after they are not in theaters anymore.

Another reason for fewer visits to movie theaters is that Hollywood has lost much of its creativity recently, with many of the motion pictures released being either sequels or remakes. Even some movies that come out that are considered “original” are just rehashed material being redone with new actors in new locations, but in the end it is the same movie.  

Last year, one of the few movies that I went to see was “The Dark Knight Rises.”  This was the sequel to the blockbuster “The Dark Knight,” both part of director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of the “Batman” story. The fact that this was the eighth different “Batman” movie since I graduated high school wasn’t lost on me, but it was one of the better ones and I did enjoy it.

I have always enjoyed the coming-attraction movie trailers before the feature film, and sometimes I am disappointed if I miss them. The ironic thing about the previews on this trip to the movies was that every one of those shown was a sequel or a reboot of another movie or story that had already been told. That night there was nothing original.

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