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April 12, 2014

CHEERS AND JEERS — For April 12-13


... to the 2014 Floyd Central Hall of Fame class.

This year’s inductees include Ann Riddle Reidling, class of 1970; William Esarey, class of 1975; Michael Nevitt, class of 1986; and Todd Sharp, class of 1987. Congratulations!

Read about the inductees on page A3 today.

— Chris Morris, Assistant Editor


... to Barbara Reed of the News and Tribune for her promptness in handling an error made in my newspaper delivery.

When I called on April 3 to ask about the sports section that was missing from my News and Tribune paper, she immediately and graciously apologized and said it would be delivered later that day.

Even though I told her it was not necessary to hand deliver it that day, she insisted on doing so. Within three hours another newspaper — this time, with the sports section included —was at my

front door.

I am a new and very satisfied subscriber to the News and Tribune and this positive experience definitely increased my satisfaction.

Thank you, Barbara, for your excellent customer service.

— Amos Brashear, New Albany


... to area agencies who held events this week to bring attention to the horrible issue of child abuse in Indiana and Kentucky.

A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds in the U.S. and more than four kids die every day from abuse. Those are chilling statistics, and there are countless other stats just as bad.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Visit to learn more and how you can help.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... to the noise from above.

I know this probably isn’t going to be a popular opinion, but can we look at cutting back or toning down the two days of “practice” by aircraft for the Thunder Over Louisville Air Show?

People joke about the constant racket and rumbling, but I have to believe for some people, it’s a real issue. How about those who work third shift who sleep during the day? What about moms or dads home with a sleeping baby? What about people who just find it annoying while trying to work?

And, let’s stop referring to these Thursday and Friday flights as “practice.” That kind of scares me. I used to practice free throws all the time, and I missed a decent amount.

This is far more technical, so let’s call it something else. How about “executing.”

To those who will be looking to the sky today, enjoy the show.

I’m heading out of town.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy

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