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May 1, 2014


Former judge supports Dan Moore

As a former Clark County judge, I write to endorse re-election of Judge Dan Moore to Circuit Court No. 1.

Dan Moore assumed office in 2008 and immediately began generating new energy to Circuit Court No. 1. His outreach program called Riding the Circuit has become a consistent vehicle to deliver information to many community groups and schools. It has shown results by giving students options and more knowledge about the court system. It has also helped senior citizens and retirees become more aware of their legal rights. But he didn’t stop there.

 For the first time ever, and with the help of volunteers he gathered, Judge Dan Moore started the Clark Legal Self Help Center on the first floor of the courthouse. This is a place where lawyer volunteers from Clark and Floyd counties give of their time to help the poor and others in need who suddenly get served with “court papers.” He brought in University of Louisville law students, too. They don’t take clients there, but they give information and guidance. Their pamphlet service provides referral and basic information at a critical time. Most of all, they ease the anxiety many people feel about being “served” with papers.

I could go on and on about this fine man. He is a father and a grandfather. He is a community volunteer in many places. In his years of private practice, he appeared before me often. He was always prepared and represented his clients with great zeal and vigor. People were lucky to have Dan Moore on their side.

I wholeheartedly support re-election of Judge Dan Moore to Clark Circuit Court No. 1. He is a judge, and a person, we can count on in the challenges our future will hold. I hope you will join in re-electing this dedicated jurist to another term on the Circuit Court No. 1 bench.

— Clementine “Tiny” Barthold, Jeffersonville

Reader endorses Moore for judge

I write to endorse re-election of Judge Dan Moore as Circuit Court No. 1 Judge. Let me tell you why he is the best choice.

He is a hard-worker in all things he does. He has spent years working as a volunteer in youth coaching and athletics. He made sure many young people “had something to do with their spare time,” and that was basketball. Judge Dan coached in our schools and in summer AAU programs (boys and girls) for nearly 12 years.

As judge in our Circuit Court No. 1, Judge Dan Moore has turned the place around. He will never be a stuffy judge who waits for you to come to meet him in the courtroom. Just the opposite, Judge Dan gets out of the courthouse to meet or school children and with community groups. He has taken students to the Indiana supreme Court and has made several visits to high schools. He cares for senior citizens, too.

Judge Dan Moore is not afraid of tough cases and works hard to protect our homes and citizens. He ran a private law office in Jeffersonville for more than 20 years. Dan and my son, Greg, were very good friends and both always showed a sincere dedication to the legal system and a person’s rights.

Judge Dan Moore has the broad range of legal work and experience we need to keep working for us. I want an experienced judge in charge of a trail that might involve my family or friends.

I hope you do, too. Vote to re-elect Judge Dan to Circuit Court No. 1.

— Margaret Reed, Jeffersonville

It would be a great time to have the Big Four open

“The fastest two minutes in sports,” aka the Kentucky Derby, is always held on the first Saturday in May and attracts visitors from not only across the U.S. but from various parts of the world. It is Louisville’s day in the sun ... or actually days. Hotels for miles around the area up their rates and require guests to reserve a three-night minimum stay beginning on the Thursday prior to this momentous event.

So, what do these visitors do in the time leading up to Derby day? Well, they shop and dine out, attend parties and sight-see. And you can bet many of them will be eager to explore the very unique and spectacular Big Four pedestrian and bike bridge traversing one of the major rivers in this county and spanning from one state all the way to the shores of another.

This could have been such a great public relations opportunity for Jeffersonville and all of Southern Indiana.

All of the suggestions for opening the bridge made in the News and Tribune’s editorial [published Monday, April 28] were reasonable, valid and doable.

— Lynn Rhodea, Jeffersonville business owner

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