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February 23, 2013

CHEERS AND JEERS — For Feb. 22-23



... and a big Thank You to Sellersburg Police Department for watching and pulling drivers over for speeding on North New Albany Street.

Drivers often use it as a shortcut and have no regard for the posted speed limit. If a child was playing and ran into the street, it would probably result in a bad accident. I live on this street and witness it every day.

How would they like it if we sped through their neighborhood? As I am writing this, there are three different police cars on my street pulling people over left and right. One was a church day care van.

Come on people, you can’t be in that big of a hurry to get where you are going. Slow down and respect the speed limit.

Keep up the good work SPD.

— Sherry Peacock, Sellersburg


... to the weekly chronological installments of New Albany history to celebrate our bicentennial.

What a great way to share in the appreciation of our fair city. I look forward to these every week.

Thank you.

— Sam Johnson, New Albany


... to Dawn Struck for her incredible talent, leadership and work ethic in bringing public art to Jeffersonville, but even more importantly, for getting those of us who barely passed Art Appreciation 101 to appreciate the results through her explanation of her vision.

From her own recent show at the Falls of the Ohio, her students art displays at a local veterinarian office, to frequent Jam Sessions (with the resulting works of art displayed downtown) and the latest sculpture at Gaither Park, Ms. Struck is one of those people who make things happen in Jeffersonville.

Thank you, Dawn. Your public art approach is appreciated.

— Marilyn Czape, Jeffersonville


... to a true civil servant.

This past week while going down 10th Street, I decided to drop in on County Commissioner Rick Stephenson and discuss a couple of matters. I hadn’t seen him since last year and being the manager for the Jeffersonville Wastewater Billing department, I hoped he had a few minutes to talk. Lo and behold, I was informed he had quit his job so he could devote full time to his job as County Commissioner.

I was somewhat taken back by the news which was immediately replaced by a sense of happiness and comfort. Yes, I voted for him but insofar as I’m concerned he continues to amaze me with his sincere commitment to mankind. He served 26 years in the Army with a tour in Iraq. During the campaign, I found out many activities he was engaged in or became engaged in (the Henryville tornado for example), all of which were directed to helping out any and all of us.  

Time will only tell how effective he is grappling with the issues that confront him (and us) but whatever those results are I can assure it will solely be directed for our benefit only and I truly wish him success along with my heartfelt thanks for serving us.

— John Krueger, Clarksville

— Do you have someone or something to cheer or jeer? Submissions should be sent to Editor Shea Van Hoy at or by mail at 221 Spring St., Jeffersonville, IN, 47130.

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