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March 6, 2013



— Leroy Heil, Jeffersonville


Sequestration is stupid, reader says

Our government has failed. The sequestration is a disgrace. Forget those who think it is great — they lack any knowledge of how it really works. 

The cuts are not arbitrary and programs that need money will lose it. Programs that have waste will see no loss. That is why Simpson Bowles, economists, most of Congress and the president have called it stupid, stupid, stupid.

The president is at fault. He thought if he proposed something so stupid, so dangerous, that Congress would never allow it to happen. That is like thinking your 4-year-old won’t take the cookie because you said it was bad for him.

Congress is at fault because no matter what anyone else says, they are the only people who could have stopped it.

In the end, this is the most positive sign of complete failure from our government that I have ever seen. The president and Congress played politics and forgot they had a job to do.

No matter what some of you may think, the deficit is not our biggest problem. Our biggest problem is jobs. Creating them would create revenue. When was the last time you heard about a jobs bill?

And you, the American people, are guilty. By not screaming from the top of your lungs that if this happens, not one Congressman will be re-elected, you have given them carte blanche to once again fail you miserably and get away with it.

Sequestration is stupid. Congress and the president know it. And no matter what some people think, it was their job to prevent it.

How sad for our country.

— Richard Hodge, DePauw

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