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October 6, 2012



... to the Jeffersonville Art Alliance, JAM (Jeffersonville Art Movement) group for the mask display at Glossbrenner Garden on Spring Street at Chestnut.

The masks are beautiful, and they add color and style to the wall of the garden. Many positive comments have been heard and the artwork is attracting quite a bit of attention. They will be on display through the month of October.

Sponsors for this JAM session were Greater Clark County Schools, City Pride, Taste of Jeffersonville, Kovert Hawkins, Sherwin Williams, Preston Art Gallery and JHS Welding.

— Pat Elder, Jeffersonville


... to Personal Counseling Services and its Event Chair Deniece Lloyd for recently hosting a wonderful celebration of the services PCS provides to our community.

The mission of PCS is to offer assistance to all persons desiring to achieve wellness of body, mind and spirit. Doug Drake and his staff accomplishes this very well. Cheers to all who believe in and support the PCS mission.

Those who attended the celebration heard Bellarmine University men’s basketball coach Scott Davenport’s inspirational speech about gratitude. The American Sign Language motion of communicating gratitude is to place one’s hands to the chin and then extend them outward. Consider adding this universal motion to the many ways you can show gratitude for living in the caring community of Southern Indiana.

— Carol A. Dawson, Jeffersonville


... to the administration at St. Catherine’s Regional Medical Center in Clarksville who came to our rescue over the past weekend.

Pack Palooza, a regional Cub Scout event, was held near Charlestown at the Tunnel Mill Scout Reservation and offered a full day of activities Saturday including everything from National Guard rock wall climbing to leatherwork to a tug-of-war and more.

The event drew more than 425 Cub Scouts and parents. The night before the big day of activities, the medical/first aid officer had to cancel, leaving us without adequate medical support for the day. St. Catherine’s hospital administration worked diligently all day Friday to locate and provide a nurse, Lisa Keown, who could be on site all day, offering first aid to our Scouts.

We are proud that St. Catherine’s is our hospital for the event and thankful they were able to help us out at such short notice.  

— Greg Sartor, George Rogers Clark District, BSA, Georgetown


... to all the dented, crushed and mangled orange cones and orange-and-white barrels that have given their all this spring and summer, trying to protect the construction workers, who are so near and dear to many of us.

— Patricia Elliott, Sellersburg


... to Jeffersonville RiverStage Director Sara Kraft-Schutz, and the RiverStage staff and volunteers for another great season.

The venue’s Summer Concert Series, Twilight Cinema, Anchors Aweigh Fitness program and wide variety of special events offered something for everyone this year. We saw smiling faces at the RiverStage all summer — all made possible by the hard work of the RiverStage crew.

Way to go, guys.

— Leah Farris, city of Jeffersonville


... to the person or persons who continue to steal political signs out of yards in the downtown area of town. Candidates and there committees work very hard to find there supporters and get these signs out, and for someone to come a long and just steal them is not only wrong, it is a crime. Let me assure you when you are caught you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The price of a campaign goes up when your efforts have to keep being redone because of thieves. This affects everyone because good people will soon find it is not worth the effort to run for elected office when this keeps happening.

We need to keep the interested people running for office. Let’s all be observant and if we see people taking signs, take a picture and sent it to the election board.

Together we can stop this crime and get good people elected.

— Dan Christensen, Jeffersonville

Editor’s note: Christensen is the husband of Greater Clark Schools Board candidate Becka Christensen


... to the city of New Albany for not restriping the city parking lot at the bottom (south) of State Street and Pearl Street in preparation for Harvest Homecoming.

— William Longest, New Albany

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