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July 9, 2013



Truth and honesty make liberals quiver in their boots. At judgment day they will reap what they sew. Lying, cheating, stealing and the murder of innocent babies will finally catch up with them.

— Mason Gary, Clarksville


Reader: Important Clarksville meeting set for tonight

The committee that was charged with evaluating and recommending what Clarksville should do on the town vs. city issue will hold a meeting starting at 7 p.m. today, July 9, at Clarksville Town Hall.

Though some changes may occur, the committee’s agenda is as follows:

• Provide information on its evaluation process;

• Present findings;

• Present its proposed recommendation and basis for its recommendation;

• Review next steps, which include 30 days to provide public written comments and then a final committee review of comments and vote; and

• Listen to public comment on the proposed recommendation — the time for each speaker will be limited to a few minutes each and a request to stay on town/city topic.

I have no idea if you’ll be able to ask questions.

Additionally, right at this moment, without reviewing my notes, I have no idea of voting by district, which is required by cities, entered into their calculus when they make their presentation. I can say from asking many people across the town that district voting is almost universally the highest priority when it comes to pure politics and the only reason some would favor a city to obtain their given right our founding fathers wanted.

Please take the small amount of time and make plan to attend this vital meeting.

— John Krueger, Clarksville

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