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December 19, 2013


Reader: It’s your duty to get health care

Attention all uninsured invincibles and their kin: It is time for you to sign up for health insurance.

Do you have any idea of the cost resulting from an accident? I didn’t. In September, I fell and fractured bones in both arms. The fee for the ambulance to the hospital was $550. The cost for four nights in the hospital was more than $14,000. That was followed by three weeks of inpatient rehab, four weeks of home health care and now I am involved with outpatient physical therapy.

The cost of these treatments is unknown but undoubtedly will result in thousands of dollars of additional expenses. I cannot drive and can barely write or type this letter. If I were not retired, I would have missed at least three months of work. I never had a broken bone and had no idea of what was involved in recuperating. I am on Medicare and have another insurance supplement.

If you live in Kentucky, you are fortunate to have a governor who wants to help Kentuckians get health insurance. If you live in Indiana, where I do, you can still get help for the Affordable Care Act either by going online, making a phone call or going to your library. Our governor and the attorney general decided to play politics and filed a lawsuit to block Obamacare. In so doing, Gov. Mike Pence has literally cost Hoosiers millions of dollars. You may be able to buy the insurance on the ACA Federal exchange, but in states dominated by Republicans, the refusal to expand Medicad or start exchanges may prevent their residents from getting the money to help them pay for the insurance.

Decide if you are going to be responsible for the care you will need or be one of the freeloaders who will place the burden of payment upon the rest of us.

Everyone needs health care and everyone should pay as best they can. Our daughter lives in Canada and pays $135 per month for a family of four. They get excellent care. I have seen it.

— Barbara Donahue, Jeffersonville

Floyd County should follow city’s lead

It really is time for some leadership change in the county governance.

I was dumbfounded to read about the proposed apartment complex to be built at Highlander Point. Were the years of meetings and the expenses incurred to write a county comprehensive plan for naught? Why is it that the wishes of the residents and property owners in Floyd County are continually dismissed as inconsequential?

Will a real estate developer’s demands always trump both the concerns of citizenry and the county plan? I thought that hiring a Planner and Operations Director for the County would finally bring some reality check into the run amok clear cutting and haphazard development that has characterized the county.

While New Albany continues to blossom with major cleanup of the downtown, new parks and recreational venues on the planning boards and a revitalized business district, the county continues to follow what at times seems to be the Republican governance motto. If businesses or developers want it, then give it to them. Free enterprise trumps any common sense or environmental and neighborhood integrity.

Lone Democrat Chuck Freiberger seems to be the only one with any sense and vision for the county. Let’s get a Democratic majority on the commission for a change.

We have an election coming up. Let’s vote in a commission and council that will help us keep up with the progress in New Albany.

— Susan Ryan, Floyds Knobs