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April 18, 2014

CHEERS AND JEERS — For April 19-20


... to the guy in the little white pickup coming off the 10th Street ramp in Jeffersonville who thought it was OK to roll down his window and throw out a fast food bag.

In what universe would anyone think that kind of behavior is acceptable? Shame on you buddy. And, while I’m at it, Jeers to the smokers who toss their cigarette butts out of their vehicle windows. That’s not OK either.

 — Publisher Bill Hanson


... to Editor Shea Van Hoy for his comments about the Thunder air show noise.

Granted, the practices on Thursday and Friday are noisy and might cause problems for a few. So do police sirens, ambulances, fire trucks and loud neighbors. The added noise once a year is no big deal to most.

What bothered me more was his closing comment, which evidenced his real attitude toward the activities and showed a singular lack of support for an event that puts money into local businesses and provides fun for many residents — that he was leaving town.

With “Editor” before his name, he represents the paper when he puts an opinion in the Cheers and Jeers section. His opinion in this instance does not reflect well on the newspaper that employs him or on its purported sense of community.

— Marsha Omanson, Jeffersonville


... to the Indiana Department of Transportation and Hummel Electric for the continuing delays to the Big Four Bridge opening and to the pro-big business administrations of Jeffersonville and the state of Indiana that gladly grease the skids into River Ridge, but are indifferent toward local start-ups languishing or withering while waiting. Amazon and Autoneum, come on down; The Olive Leaf and Red Yeti Brewery — eh, whatever.

— Patrick Brown, Clarksville


... to most of the residents of New Albany for allowing the Blue Angels to grace our air space with their presence during the days before Thunder Over Louisville.

Although there were some provincials — narrow-minded and backward thinking people — who complained about the noise and disturbance, most everyone else thought it was a great show. No matter what happens to enliven things up in New Albany and make people happy, there are always others who complain and whine. Heaven forbid if something fun and different should happen that would cause a little excitement in this town.

We need more excitement, and the Blue Angels provided several days of thrills. Maybe the people who complain should make a point to be out of town next year when the Blue Angels come back.

— Juanita Jamison, New Albany

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