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January 16, 2013


Readers ask for more professional behavior

This is about a Georgetown Town Board meeting we all went to late last year. There were around 30 to 40 people who came. As the meeting went on the president of the board, Mike Mills, asked if there was any old business. One lady asked a question about the water rate and Mr. Mills yelled at her and said that he wasn’t going to go there because she should have been there at the water rate meeting. She said she was and she also said you are still giving me the same old run around. 

Kathy Haller, a board member, brought in the fire chief to ask about the addresses on the homes, or the lack of, and she was asking him questions when Mr. Mills told her he was tired of listening to her comments.

He is suppose to conduct his meetings in a civilized manner.  

To us he is a very poor example of a board president. We believe he and others have been on the board way too long.  

Sherry Caraway and Donna Hieb, Georgetown


New Albany needs a homeless shelter

Why are there so many young men living on the streets of New Albany, homeless?

I have some knowledge of this since I was recently part of an effort to help two homeless young men. Through their eyes, our group saw many other homeless men wandering the streets with no direction. Not long ago, I almost stumbled over a homeless man sleeping on his backpack in the midday sun near a mailbox by a doctor’s office.

Clearly, New Albany needs a homeless shelter.

My friend, Jesse Floyd, president of Tri-County Health Coalition, an agency that gives out free food and clothes to those in need, has reached out to the homeless for years. On a regular basis, he takes food and clothing to locations where he knows they sleep. Other times, they drop in at his agency to get a jar of peanut butter or some dry socks.

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