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January 26, 2013

DODD: Let’s open the lines of communication

Voices heard in the darkness:

Voice No. 1: “Here is the box of receipts we’re looking for. Quick, hand me the flashlight. It’s for a total of $7.99 at a local restaurant.”

Voice No. 2: “I can see there’s no itemization list on this receipt!”

Voice No. 1: “We’ve got him nailed red-handed!”

Voice No. 2: “What are you doing with your phone?”

Voice No. 1: “I’m texting WAVE-3.”

OK, I don’t know if there was the cover of darkness or how it was discovered, but I do have very good information that WAVE- 3 was tipped off before any communication occurred and before the meeting between the mayor and the city council regarding Mayor Mike Moore’s city credit card use. And this is not the first time that local media has known about something before one of the entities or the other. 

There is certainly no secret about the breakdown in communication between some Jeffersonville City Council members and Moore. I have heard from insiders on both sides. I don’t know who to believe. 

Hey, it’s local politics and the truth is often impossible to discern. I do know one thing for sure: When local politicians try governing through the media, it sure is a lot of fun for the rest of us. And it sure should be very embarrassing for all of the local office-holders involved. It makes everyone involved look kind of silly.

And, as a person who likes to occasionally write about such things — it’s a virtual bonanza of material. 

I don’t know for sure if anything will come of an audit of city expenditures. What I do know from working in the corporate world is that anytime there is an audit, something irregular of some nature will be discovered. Otherwise, a shrewd auditor will not earn his or her pay. Anyone who has ever had a 100 percent find-free audit please raise your hand.

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