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January 26, 2013

DODD: Let’s open the lines of communication


What has become painfully obvious for anybody seeking public office is the now possibility that anyone running for an office can win and anyone holding a public office can lose. That is the only real power of the citizens is to keep politicians guessing. When they know they are a lock, well, that is not good for anybody except the politicians.

Perhaps it is time — we are well into a year in office for Moore — for a Saturday retreat where the parties are locked in a room, everybody holds hands and sings Kumbaya and nobody comes out until there is some kind of open, honest communication, and a plan to work together. 

What comes to the forefront to date are personal grudge matches, the mayor’s personal life, media leaks and noncooperation between Moore and some members of the council. 

No elected official is bigger than the city of Jeffersonville. What looks obvious to me at this time is a likelihood of a lot of one-term office holders. The past few elections have certainly proven that in many cases it’s the people and not the politicians or the parties that are holding the power. A mayor is not a dictator nor should a city council be a collective obstructionist.

Three years is still a lot of time for everyone to have a do-over since many voters don’t even pay much attention until an election year.

That should be the overwhelmingly empowering message for all sides in Jeffersonville’s city affairs.


— Lindon Dodd is a freelance writer who can be reached at

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