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May 15, 2013

THEIR VIEW: Opinions from other newspapers for May 16


“When you have a child taking a test and they get interrupted, you’re concerned about how it affects their ability to take the test,” Emerson Elementary School Principal Julie Kelly said. “There already can be anxiety about taking the test, and it’s just raised when you add these disruptions.”

Seymour Community Schools interim Superintendent Rob Hooker expressed concern that the disruptions throw doubt on the validity of the test results because of the distraction and added stress. He suggests the results be scrapped entirely.

“Credibility and reliability are real questions,” Hooker said.

Indiana wasn’t the only state encountering problems with CTB/McGraw-Hill’s online system. The Tribune reported on similar problems last week in Oklahoma, for instance. That’s little consolation and only compounds the concern.

The state needs to get to the bottom of this problem and make sure it won’t happen again. If it means ending the contract with CTB/McGraw-Hill, then so be it.

Then when the scores themselves are released, they need to be examined carefully to see what effect the computer glitches had. This is only fair to the school districts, schools, teachers and, most importantly, the students themselves.

— The Tribune, Seymour

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