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May 22, 2013

ANDERSON: The Health Care Reform Act: Some facts to ponder


1. $26 billion federal tax dollars will be lost to our state over the next seven years.

2. Our tax dollars will go to other states that do expand Medicaid coverage.

3. It will drive up premiums for Hoosiers with private insurance.

4. It will cost some Indiana employers hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional federal taxes after 2014.

5. Thousands of health care jobs will be threatened and could lead Indiana hospitals — especially safety-net hospitals in urban and rural counties — to reduce services and even close.

6. 40,000 Hoosiers enrolled in the Healthy Indiana Plan will lose their coverage.

7. Hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable of our fellow Hoosiers, most of them from working, low-income families, will have no way to get health insurance. See cover Indiana (

Every federal tax dollar we send to the government has what is called a prorate share and a portion of it is dedicated back to the state. The formula changes according to the program. 

Indiana rarely takes complete, if any, advantage of this fact and as a result has historically given millions of federal tax dollars to other states because we don’t want the federal regulations. 

That is our money. It should help our people.

Every day, crowded emergency rooms are the answer to a lack of medical insurance, the Family Health Center is constantly full and people are rationing their medicines and doing without seeing the doctor until it is almost too late. 

If we talk of the effect of not accepting the Medicaid expansion, we must also discuss the benefits of acceptance:

1. Stimulates the economy by bringing billions of new federal dollars between now and 2020.

2. The federal government will pay 100 percent of the health care costs for the expansion for the first three years, and no less than 90 percent of those costs in the future.

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