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May 22, 2013

ANDERSON: The Health Care Reform Act: Some facts to ponder


3. Providing health insurance coverage to many more Hoosiers will reduce costs for employers and individuals who currently pay for the uninsured through cost-shifting that results in higher premiums for everyone.

4. If Indiana does not take advantage of this federal money, our tax dollars will go to other states that do expand. In other words, we’ll be taking care of everybody’s backyard but our own.

5. Approximately 880,000 Hoosiers under the age of 65 do not have health insurance, with the expansion over half (roughly 450,000) will have access to health insurance coverage if we expand the coverage.

6. This will allow a single adult with income of up to $15,415 or a family of three with income up to $26,344 to gain coverage. 

My thoughts are racing with just these facts. Why are we willing to allow our state officials to make decisions that will negatively affect our lives without flooding them with phone calls? I say again: Our legislators work for us, not for the governor, who by the way, works for us as well. 

If we choose to make decisions, it shouldn’t be on sound bites. The fact is the Health Care Reform Bill is law and until it isn’t, we should take full advantage of it. We certainly shouldn’t be throwing our tax dollars to Kentucky, New York, Vermont or any other state that has agreed to Medicaid expansion. 

We should take care of Hoosiers first. It is about time that the people of this state become the top priority. We cannot have a healthy economy or a healthy community without healthy people.


— Barbara Anderson is a Jeffersonville resident and executive director of Haven House Services Inc. Reach her at


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