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July 17, 2013

DODD: Wolf challenge makes going pro easier


Fuzzy started this event as a way to utilize his love for golf to give back to local charities, especially children’s charities. It is also a way for him to give something special back to his hometown community.

I do not personally know Fuzzy Zoeller, but I feel like I do. The real trademark of his entire PGA career was just that. It’s a given he is a great golfer. His career accomplishments, including two major championship titles, are a testament to that. However, there were many golfers who won more money and were more dominate on the pro tour.

I have no doubt how competitive he was, but he had another layer. He could play the game at the very highest level yet seem to convey it was never a life-or-death, must-win win scenario. His special gift was to be able to break down that invisible barrier between participant and spectator. You felt as if somehow you were invited into a forbidden world. While Fuzzy probably wasn’t the first to accomplish it, he very well might have perfected it. And it has made him a beloved sports figure.

This is also the magic of the Wolf Challenge. It’s how Fuzzy gets other pro golfers and celebrities to draw you in as a spectator. What ostensibly is a golf match requires nobody to have to be a golf fan to enjoy the event and be thoroughly entertained. The Challenge is as unique an event as we will ever get to experience in Southern Indiana. The reason is very straightforward: The Wolf Challenge allows regular hackers into Fuzzy’s world, if but for an afternoon.

It’s a very family friendly event.  This will be your last chance to experience something that truly has been a special thing for us to have enjoyed in Southern Indiana for many years.

–Lindon Dodd is a freelance writer who can be reached at

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