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June 10, 2014


Officer’s mother addresses mayor

In response to the letter sent to the mayor and published in last week’s edition of the News and Tribune, I would like to submit my opinion on this matter.

Laura Schook is my oldest daughter and going into the law enforcement career has been her goal since she was in her early teens. She has stated to me many times, “I love this job; I can’t believe they pay me to do it.”

Every shift with the New Albany Police Department, she puts her life on the line and in 2003 that almost came a reality when she was stabbed by Brandon Erdman. It is hard for a parent to know their child’s life is in danger on every shift, but recently even harder due to the failure of her fellow officers not providing backup and support, plus intimidation from her superiors.

Mayor Gahan, it is your job to oversee and direct the people you put in place upon swearing into your position. In my years in the workforce, the “boss” [and you are the boss of the city] delegates, monitors and manages his people, knowing what transpires within every aspect of their position.

If you did not know what has taken place inside the police department were they hiding this from you? Or if you did know you are part of the problems.

In my eyes, the reassignment of Chief Sherri Knight and the assistant chief truly points to an admission of guilt and wrongdoing. The only way these problems can be uncovered and corrected would be an investigation from an impartial outside source and all parties involved be held accountability for their actions.

All eyes of the city are on you, waiting to see if your “accountability” promise is creditable.

Are you stepping forward or backward?

— Donna Reilly, Borden

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