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May 14, 2013



Sadly, it seems there is less and less coordination and communication in preserving what should be preserved, less compromising for what cannot be preserved and less effort made to design an honest solution that meets the real needs of this small neighborhood. 

In order to prepare for the relocation of preserved houses adjacent to the bridge, all — with the exception of one — of the 8-year-old pin oaks were removed along West Riverside Drive, bridge to bridge. The light polls are left because they can be temporarily dismantled given that all are in the same line running along the right of way. 

In addition, INDOT trimmed the enormous elm tree which was slated for removal several years ago. While they also cut back some of the massive dead branches of the old elm on the street side, they left the dead branches on the river side. (Working with the Army Corps of Engineers, we were able to construct the sidewalk around the tree.) 

Granted, this aged tree has needed proper trimming for years, but a certified arborist was not on site to direct the operation or the tree would not have been left with such unbalanced mass toward the river.

We imagine we will be notified not to park any of our vehicles on the street in front of our houses on relocation day, as if that is the only basic communication required in this neighborhood. We would like to believe we are all going to benefit from the relocation of the houses that Historic Landmarks fought to preserve. (Some of us thought the cost is a bit over the top, but we are not skilled preservationists.) 

There is a great deal of professional expertise along the street, so whom do we see about replanting trees of same cost value in this neighborhood? Rob Waiz, Jeffersonville Redevelopment director, is working to get deserved aesthetic attention needed for the Indiana side. 

Whom do we see besides contacting our ombudsman, Patrick Carpenter, and Carl Piercy at INDOT for information about how we can access the decision making process sooner than later, so we can all benefit from the sacrifices that are whittling away our collective community good humor?  

— Phyllis Croce and Jonn Frey, Jeffersonville

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