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May 21, 2013



Allowing unfettered discretion to prosecutors or anyone else is the very definition of arbitrary and capricious. This short-sighted proposal would not just encourage favoritism and corruption — it would require it. 

The other proposal of concern is HB 1022, sponsored by state Rep. Tim Neese. Neese’s bill would upgrade the current misdemeanor charge of a simple or offensive touch of a police officer, or even their designated helpers, to a class D felony akin to aggravated assault on an officer, which carries an average prison sentence of 10 months.

The current law requires an actual serious assault to raise the incident to that level, as it should be.

Anyone who’s ever seen traffic or criminal court proceedings knows that judges rarely, if ever, fail to side with a cop regardless of how many lay witnesses testify differently. That is way too much power in the hands of someone who already literally holds the power of life and death over us and way too much temptation to abuse this proposed law to settle scores, punish perceived disrespect or to nail someone they think got off too easily for something else

It happens every day in our country because police are human and subject to mistakes and petty behavior, just like the rest of us.

If either of these proposed amendments to existing laws concerns you, contact your state representative and senator to voice your objection.

— Joseph Moore, Georgetown


A salute to military personnel


This is for all of the children too young to put words down on paper but old enough to reason in their minds what war means. And to those also old enough in years to know that the men and women serving in the military give to serve and protect our country.

In writing for the little children and myself, writing this short letter, I say God bless all that serve in the military and especially to the men and women that lose their lives at to early of an age in war times.

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