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October 31, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Oct. 31, 2012


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Reader supports Meyer for commissioner

This letter is to voice my support for Ed Meyer for re-election as Clark County commissioner in November. I am more than glad to explain why we need to do this.

This county has suffered some serious budget cuts. We all know it and Ed has tried to assist the County Council by hiring experts to give them advice and get us out of this. Maybe these folks don’t have all of the perfect answers, but Meyer had kept trying.

In the town of Utica, we depend on the commissioners’ office for many services and Ed has never let us down. He has helped us with getting the road open through the ammunition plant to Ind. 62. Ed is always willing to talk about interlocal agreements that can help us and the county. He is dependable and that means a lot.

Being a county commissioner is not the sweetest treat in the candybox. These folks take a lot of grief and probably don’t get paid near what the time demands would pay them in private business. But Ed doesn’t complain about that one bit.

He likes doing projects that make our lives a little better. He likes to watch our kids grow and succeed and, most of all, he is the first one to congratulate someone else who just got a break, had some good luck or who saw their child win in a competition.

Character and integrity is what makes up Ed Meyer. He stays committed when he says he will help. In periods of snowstorms, floods or weather disasters and emergencies Ed has always stepped up for Utica and we need him as a commissioner in Clark County.

— Hank Dorman, Utica

A reading recommendation on health care

I highly recommend everyone read the book “Priceless — Curing The Healthcare Crisis” by John C Goodman.

Some of the topics covered are as follows:

• Why we should bring competition into the health care system so we know what the costs and the results are instead of further insulating us from what the reality is?

• Why was malpractice not addressed in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

• Are there going to be any additional providers, such as doctors and nurses, added when there will be 30 million to 35 million more consumers?

• What other product or service do we contract for without knowing the true cost?

The bottom line is that all of us will have worse access to health care if this law is fully implemented.

Ask your own doctor what he or she thinks about this as a solution since they will be the ones that have to deal with the consequences.

— Charles Schladand, Jeffersonville

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