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November 2, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Nov. 2, 2012


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Conflicts of interest give voter change of heart in GCCS race

  I thought that I had made my decisions about the school board races until I heard about something that happened at the last meeting. I read the letter to the editor about the building trades class working to build or remodel a house of a family member of a school board member. The writer said that school board member Nancy Kraft was the only one against it. It was pointed out by Dan Christensen, Becka’s husband, that it was actually Becka that was the only vote against this use of school energies and she thought it would be more appropriate to do something in Henryville or somewhere needy. He went on to say that Becka was the voice of the people and she would never consider personal benefit from being a school board member. I agreed with that. I found out today that she has personally voted to pay her company for flowers ordered by Greater Clark County Schools several times. This appears to be a similar conflict. If you are going to be on the school board you should not benefit personally or financially from matters that you vote on. End of case! A board member must refrain from benefiting regardless of the amount of the benefit. As a practical matter there is no difference . I’ve decided that I can’t vote for someone who claims to support one thing and then does the opposite when it benefits her personally and financially.

— Walter Brown Jr., of Jeffersonville

New Albany residents says Grabowski best choice for District 72

  Election Day is fast approaching and I want to ask you to vote for Sharon “Lee” Grabowski for state representative, District 72. Sharon is a candidate (and fellow retired teacher) I’ve known and respected for many years. We need Sharon’s energy and enthusiasm, her capability for hard work and demonstrated leadership now more than ever in Indianapolis. Sharon has more than 30 years teaching experience in the New Albany-Floyd County School System. She served four years as president of our Teachers’ Association. She served on the bargaining team for teachers when bargaining was done through consensus building. After retirement, Sharon went to work for the Indiana State Teachers’ Association and Metlife as an investment advisor, traveling throughout the state helping educators (including me) understand their retirement accounts and leading workshops on retirement planning.

I feel the citizens of Floyd County need a voice in Indianapolis. But, we need more than a voice! We need an advocate in Indianapolis! We need an advocate who is attuned to the needs of the community and is available to answer citizens’ calls, questions and requests for help. Sharon will be that advocate! She has the time, the training and the temperament to do this.

Yes, we have problems in Floyd County. It seems as if the state government is taking greater control of our local funding and leaving behind budgets that are squeezed to the breaking point. Help me on Election Day send Sharon Grabowski to Indianapolis to remedy this situation!

— Leland A. Howard Jr., of New Albany

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