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November 2, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Nov. 2, 2012


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Advice for the undecided voters

  Let’s hope the undecided voter will think long and hard as to whom he wants to be our next president. It would be so easy to vote against our own self interest after listening to all the bluster coming from the Romney-Ryan camp, which in my opinion is simply 95 percent bluster and 5 percent fact.    

Romney-Ryan make no secret of their intention to take from the poor and middle class and redistribute it to the wealthy. They plan to dismantle medicare as we know it and reduce it to a voucher system headed up by the insurance companies and they would also like to privatize Social Security, which would once again put us at the mercy of the banking industry. These institutions are the ones who took us down this destructive path and they still own the Republican Party.

In addition they plan to eliminate the mortgage deduction which will further weaken the real estate market, and especially hurt the poor and middle class who so depend upon it.

Romney-Ryan are so calloused that they would like to eliminate funding  Planned Parenthood which so many destitute women completely rely upon for so many health issues for themselves and their offspring. Also, they are very much in favor of telling you women what you can and cannot do with your own bodies. How would they like for you women to tell we men how and when what’s best for our bodies?

And please, we don’t want our health plan that was fought for so hard and would mean so much for so many to be dismantled by two men who have the best health care money can buy.       

Furthermore, due to all the saber rattling in the Middle East Romney-Ryan wants to intervene in Syria and is also tacitly implying that the United States or Israel should hit Iran with a preemptive strike. They seem oblivious to the fact that we as Americans have sent enough of our sons and daughters to the Middle East to die so that Standard Oil and Halliburton can thrive.

The immorality of taking this country over a precipice from which it may never recover just so the rich can become richer and damned the poor is anything but Christ-like and in the end our progeny will have to suffer the consequences.

   — Charlie Gregory, of Charlestown

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