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November 2, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Nov. 2, 2012


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Writer says country’s ‘moral direction’ up for  election

  Obama has been leading our country into socialism as well as a continued moral decay by supporting abortion (even later term babies). America is at the crossroads of choosing a continuing path to socialism and communism or to return to your forefathers roots of a democratic republic. Total government control will lead to bankruptcy within the disappearance of the middle class. Communist and socialist governments do not have a middle class. Our moral direction is up for election as well as our government direction. Religious freedoms are being attacked by the current administrations. There have been many executive orders by Obama that are also stripping away our freedoms.

The Obama care health plan has many restrictions that will favor euthanasia. Taxpayers will be paying for more and more abortions. Obama has raised the national debt $6 trillion with $1 trillion deficits every year. Bring decency back to America. Even the respected preacher, Billy Graham, has come out for Mitt Romney.

God Bless America.

— Betty Vaught, of Jeffersonville

Shouldering the blame

We Republicans cut embassy defense by $300 billion but, it’s Obama’s fault! We Republicans didn’t pass the jobs bill that would have created four million new jobs but, it’s Obama’s fault! We Republicans want to not cut military spending but, it’s Obama’s fault that we continue to get rich from companies who build our tanks we don’t need!

We want to basically end Medicare but, it’s Obama’s fault! We want to complete the Keystone Pipeline for Canada to sell the oil to India and China but, that’s Obama’s fault! This was what we said when this started but, it’s Obama’s fault!

We want to give tax breaks to the rich but, it’s Obama’s fault! We spent billions in our salaries voting to repeal Obamacare but, it’s Obama’s fault! We continue to rape the middle and poor class but, it’s Obama’s fault! We created two wars which added trillions to the deficit, but it’s Obama’s fault!

Obama created five million jobs, but it’s Obama’s fault! If Obama were Christ, it would still be Obama’s fault! We said we will make him a one term president but, it’s Obama’s fault! We may as well cry crucify him, for it’s Obama’s fault! We share no blame! It’s Obama’s fault.

— George L. Dorman, of Clarksville

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