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November 10, 2012

CHEERS AND JEERS — For Nov. 10-11


... for Jeffrey Ramsey of the Floyd County street department of painting stripe across Silver Creek bridge on Providence Way.

— Charlie Wyzard, Clarksville


... to Mickey Thompson of the New Albany Street Department for not yet striping the street from Beharrell Avenue to the bridge on Providence Way. With school in session, cars all over the road.

— Charlie Wyzard, Clarksville


... to everyone involved in making the Iraq/Afghanistan War Memorial a reality.

I would like to especially thank Paul and Cecelia Roerig of Brummett Monument, Bower and Associates, Inc. and Jeffersonville Parks, Street and Drainage Departments. I would also like to thank the following committee members who gave of their time and talent for this great project: Beany Smith, Linda Wright Dennis, Laura and Tim Jones, Mike Smith and Chad Armstrong.

This special memorial is located at Riverside Drive and Clark Street in Jeffersonville.

— Sandy Knott, Jeffersonville


... to Dr. Andrew Melin for removing James Sexton as principal at Jeffersonville High School but allowing him to remain as principal at Clark County Middle/High. Does one school count and the other not?

Mr. Sexton was given the very difficult job of turning around a failing school. He did that 150 percent and should have been rewarded — not removed. Did he make some mistakes along the way? Of course. We all make mistakes. But removing him merely because he and Dr. Melin have “different management styles” is unacceptable. I do not believe, after only 45 days on the job, that this was solely Dr. Melin’s decision. No newly hired superintendent would make such a major change without his board’s prior approval or direction.

I want to publicly thank Dr. Stephen Daeschner for having the courage to bring someone of Mr. Sexton’s caliber and expertise to JHS even if it were only for a short while. JHS is a better school for having had Mr. Sexton at the helm. To both of these men, it really is “all about what is best for the kids”.

I applaud the students who spoke at the board meeting and I applaud Mrs. Kraft and Mrs. Christensen for standing up for what is right and saying “no.” And, to Mr. Sexton, I am truly sorry that we do not have an administration and board who put kids and their academic achievement first.

— Alice Butler, Jeffersonville


... to the New Albany Board of Public Works and Safety for scheduling 3 1/2 hours for trick-or-treating on Halloween.

I agree with Warren Nash that this was too long and it contributed to van loads traveling to many areas on a school night. There were plenty of places providing Halloween trick-or-treating for children and families such as: Trunk or Treat at New Albany Riverfront Amphitheater, churches, and the Costume Carnival at the Floyd County 4-H Fairgrounds.

How much sugar and calories are we feeding our children? Were we on Halloween overload?

— Eileen Day, New Albany


... to the Jeffersonville Police Department.

Because the pill mill (I’m sorry, pain management clinic) on Maple Street often operates beyond what would be trick-or-treat time and due to their habit of sending their patients walking through the neighborhood to catch their ride home elsewhere and off of their property... I asked the JPD for additional patrols. Patrol cars were here frequently and with regularity, long after the pill mill closed for the day. It’s nice to know JPD has our backs.

— Derek Spence, President, Franklin Commons Neighborhood Association


... to the Clarksville Police Department for having so many officers out on patrol during the trick-or-treat time.

I spoke to one officer who said Chief Mark Palmer has not only the full-time officers out but a lot of the reserve officers out just to keep the kids safe while walking.

I would like to thank all of you for making it a safe night for trick-or-treating.

— Dorothy Kinder, Clarksville


... to Lee Kelly, Bob Dusch and the great students at New Albany High School as they yet again provided the local community with something no other county in Indiana can claim, accurate results given by high school kids quickly on TV and radio.

— Jason Flener, Floyds Knobs, assistant principal, New Albany High School

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